Summer Leadership Challenge

Leadership is not only innate but can be developed and learned.

Hargrave Military Academy's Summer Leadership Challenge Camp engages young men in a two-week program using military structure and basic skills training. After the two weeks Leadership Challenge Camp, participating students switch to another activity they choose during registration. the Leadership Challenge Camp runs during the designated daily afternoon sports/camp period.

Hargrave has forged many of the nation's leaders, providing them with the opportunities, training, and experience needed to build mind, body, and spirit. The Leadership Challenge Camp is designed to provide an introduction to military customs and courtesies, proper wearing of a military uniform (Army Combat Uniform, ACU), basic physical training, and survival/outdoors skills. LCC participants will train on our military-standard obstacle course, use Hargrave's climbing tower, and use our 214 acre campus to learn and practice basic map reading, land navigation, and physical fitness/endurance.

Successful completion of this camp will result in a Certificate of Completion and awarding of the Hargrave Crest. The Crest is commonly provided to new Cadets during the main school year who have completed a similar program. This camp is designed to be both challenging and fun. While not all-inclusive, the Leadership Challenge Camp provides a peek into the opportunities and activities of our full-time Cadets.

Leadership Challenge has an additional fee of $250.