Summer Camps & Programs


Rest easy this summer knowing that by making the decision to send your son to Hargrave, you are providing him with an opportunity to participate in experiences that will leave positive and lasting impressions.
Hargrave Military Academy’s comprehensive summer program and camp offers a wide range of guided activities and academic programs for all students. Overseen by a dedicated staff focused on mentoring campers in a supportive environment, Hargrave classes, activities and camps concentrate on developing good character, leadership skills, and responsibility while enhancing confidence in all campers. In contrast to the regular academic year, summer students enjoy a relaxed uniform consisting of shorts and short sleeve shirts.
Hargrave’s academic courses are accredited by Advanc-Ed and Commonwealth of Virginia and recognized by other accredited private and public institutions. Over a century of experience tells us that a structured, disciplined schedule is just a important as the attention, care, and mentorship of our faculty and staff.

High Adventure Camp

Considered one of the finest skills-based technical adventure programs on the East Coast, Hargrave’s Adventure program has a reputation of safety, quality and intensity. Hargrave's High Adventure Camp provides participants recreational opportunities focused on teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-improvement. A wide variety of fun activities and exciting off-site trips are provided that enhance campers’ experiences and allow them to learn new skills, gain self-confidence, work with their peers, and develop strong friendships. When on the road, the locations the camp visits are all top rated adventure destinations. Space for the High Adventure Camp is limited .... you're son is not!

Typical events include:
Kayaking; Rock climbing; rappelling; white water rafting; scuba; marksmanship, including small bore rifle and shotgun; archery; snorkeling; fishing; camping; Stand Up Paddle Board; Canoeing; Skeet Shooting; Fishing; Zip Lining; Obstacle Course; Basic Outdoor Survival Skills

Military Cadet Orientation and Certification

Leadership is not something you’re born with, but rather something every person can acquire over time through hard work, self-discipline and selflessness.

Hargrave's Military Cadet Orientation and Certification (MCOC) camp engages young men in various aspects of military life and runs as a two week program during the first week of Hargrave's Summer School program. (After the two week MCOC, participating students switch to another activity.) MCOC runs during the designated daily afternoon sports/camp period.

Hargrave has forged many of the nation’s leaders, providing them with the opportunities, training and experience needed to build themselves mind, body and spirit. MCOC is designed to provide an introduction to military customs and courtesies, proper wearing of a military uniform (Army Combat Uniform, ACU), basic physical training and survival skills. MCOC participants will train on our military-standard obstacle course, utilize Hargrave's climbing tower, and use our 214 acre campus to learn and practice basic map reading, land navigation and physical fitness/endurance.

Successful completion of this camp will result in a Certificate of Completion and award of the Hargrave Crest. The Crest is commonly provided to new Cadets during the main school year who have completed a similar program. The camps is designed to be both challenging and fun.

Summer Athletics

Hargrave has some truly amazing athletic venues, including a heated 50 meter indoor pool, a rifle range, and a nationally recognized tennis facility. Hargrave athletics also maintains well groomed baseball, football, soccer fields and a leadership reaction course.

Hargrave coaches guide students through various sport's camps. During camp, the fundamentals of each sport are taught, typically in a smaller group setting. Often, students discover a new world of self-confidence as they begin to improve in their summer sport.

Typical sports include:
Air Rifle*; Baseball; Basketball; Football; Golf*; Lacrosse**; Soccer; Swimming; Tennis; Wrestling; Weight Lifting.

* Additional fee required
** Two week camp.

Intensive ESL Camp

Hargrave Attendance at summer school prior to fall entry into the ESL program can be extremely beneficial. All prospective ESL students are strongly encouraged to take the i-TEP SLATE prior to attending. There is no minimum requirement for the summer session and students may attend regardless of their intent to enroll in the fall, although students who do attend summer school will be given priority for fall admission. The design of the program and choice of course materials reflect the National TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) grades 9-12 English Language Proficiency goals (also includes postgraduate work).

Summer ESL Course Offerings

This entry level course is designed to enhance the student’s ability to cope with reading comprehension, writing skills and vocabulary necessary for success in mainstream classes at Hargrave Military Academy. Topics include math, science, history, social studies and literature, as well as basic English needed for everyday survival in an English speaking environment.

This course is designed for intermediate level ESL students to further develop reading comprehension and writing skills acquired in ESL I. The students will continue refinement of writing development as well as their knowledge of vocabulary needed for mainstream courses and every day survival in an English-speaking environment. This intermediate course also works to further improve pronunciation, listening and conversation skills acquired in ESL I .

This course is designed for advanced ESL students who need to refine their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills before being fully mainstreamed. The students will continue to develop their vocabulary and note-taking skills across the curriculum. Time is also devoted to the analysis and comprehension of classic literary works. The student will be required to respond to the literary works both orally and in writing. The course will include an intensive study of the vocabulary used in reading and oral interpretation of the literary works. 

Afternoon Class Activities
The afternoons will be dedicated to the practical use of the English language. Three days a week students will visit museums, restaurants, movie theaters, parks, shopping malls and other local establishments to use their English. Students will remain in the classroom and practice conversational English the remaining two days.

Sports and Activities Camps
At 3:30 students will join the rest of the American summer school students in our sports camps, relaxing, having fun and further enhancing their English language skills.