Adventure Camp

  • Hargrave Adventure Camp

    Summer student Arthur Mayo discusses his experience with Hargrave's summer adventure camp.

  • A Chance to Change

    Future Cadet Isaac Burton explains is 'chance to change' after attending Summer School and Camp.

  • 2015 School of Character

    Hargrave was named a 2015 Virginia School of Character by and Regent University.

Hargrave's summer Adventure Camp is a challenging, safe and rewarding fun for campers of all ability levels.

Considered one of the finest skills based technical adventure programs on the East Coast, Hargrave’s Adventure program has a reputation of safety, quality and intensity. Activities typically include: canoeing Virginia’s scenic waterways; white water rafting on West Virginia’s rapids; climbing and rappelling on Hargrave's practice tower; rock climbing; marksmanship, including small bore rifle and shotgun; archery; snorkeling; fishing; and camping. When on the road, the locations the camp visits are all top rated adventure destinations. The Adventure program requires an additional fee.

For this level of activity, safety is key. Hargrave employs only the best instructors with experienced adventure skills. Hargrave teaches a full range of fundamental skills, including: canoeing technique, climbing technique, rappelling, belaying, snorkeling, archery, fishing and marksmanship. These important skills are taught on campus before applying that knowledge off campus.

Don't know what to bring? Try the What to Bring List.


Dr. Jim Tung, Ph.D.
Summer School Coordinator
200 Military Drive
Chatham, VA 24531
[email protected]
Direct 434-432-2481 x2680
Cell 434-441-6719

Alice Hendrickson
Director of Enrollment Management
[email protected]
434-432-2481 x2147

Lawrence Robinson
Admissions Counselor
[email protected]
434-432-2481 x2148

Jeremy Eubank
Admissions Counselor
International Admissions
[email protected]
434-432-2481 x2119