Summer Session - July 1 to July 30, 2017 | 800-432-2480

Hargrave's Summer School and Camp


Hargrave's Summer School and Camp runs from Saturday, July 1 to Sunday, July 30, 2017. Applications will be accepted through July 1, 2017. Apply, be accepted, and pay the enrollment deposit by June 25, 2017 and receive a $199 discount. Call 800-432-2480 to learn more.

Hargrave Military Academy’s comprehensive summer program and camp offers both academic growth and outdoor challenges for all students. The Academy’s structure provides the backbone for each day, keeping students on task, on target and engaged.

During the summer, students that attend the military summer school enjoy a relaxed uniform, shorts and short sleeve shirts while engaging a wide range of guided activities and academic programs. Come learn something new at Hargrave's Summer School and Camp, and join the fun!


Dr. Jim Tung, Ph.D.
Summer School Coordinator
200 Military Drive
Chatham, VA 24531
[email protected]
Direct 434-432-2481 x2680
Cell 434-441-6719

Alice Hendrickson
Director of Enrollment Management
[email protected]
434-432-2481 x2147

Lawrence Robinson
Admissions Counselor
[email protected]
434-432-2481 x2148

Jeremy Eubank
Admissions Counselor
International Admissions
[email protected]
434-432-2481 x2119