Hargrave Parent Council

The Link Between the Parents, the Cadets, and their School

Dr. Cheryl Hancock: President
Michelle DeWitt: Treasurer
Staci Wall: Secretary

Parent's WeekendFormed in 1987, the Parent Council is an organization of parents of current Hargrave Cadets. Our members represent both boarding and day students from the upper school and CIS.

The Parent Council has three purposes. One is to act as a liaison between the parents and the Administration, sharing information and concerns. Parent Council members are readily available to answer questions from parents about school activities, functions, and Cadet Life. As a group, we work with the administration to provide feedback and suggestions in the best interests of our Cadets.   

Our second purpose is to provide outreach support as a parent component to Hargrave through Admissions, the Annual Fund and Development on an “as needed basis.” This involves contact with prospective and current families.

Our third purpose is to support Hargrave, the parents and the Cadets through our activities and events.Our biggest fundraising goal is the sponsorship of the Annual Faculty/Staff Appreciation Event to express our deep appreciation to the faculty and staff at Hargrave.

Our activities and events include:

  • Offering refreshments in the English Room in Camden Hall during the Fall Parent’s Weekend and Mother’s Day
  • Hosting a welcome table for parents at Parent’s Weekend
  • Writing a column that is posted in the Hargrave newsletter
  • Decorating the Chapel for Christmas
  • Participating in admissions events, matriculation events and talking to parents about Hargrave
The contribution of every parent, no matter how small, is appreciated in these efforts. Together we can make a positive difference on campus for the benefit of the entire Academy.
If you are interested in volunteering your time or talent, please contact any Parent Council member or CPT Tim Oditt, Chief of Staff, our staff liaison between the Parent Council and the Academy, at 434-432-2585.
If you would like to speak to any member of the Council concerning any aspect of your Cadet’s life at Hargrave, please refer to the following members:


Dr. Cheryl Hancock: PRESIDENT
Cadet Logan Barker '17
Chatham, Virginia
[email protected]

Michelle DeWitt: TREASURER
Cadet Luke DeWitt '17
Fairfax, Virginia
[email protected]

Cadet Raines Wall ‘17
PO Box 1127
Chatham, VA 24531
Home:  434-432-6122
Ward and Tabitha Burton
Cadet Ashton Burton '20
Halifax, Virginia
Allison Dolan 
Cadet Joshua Dolan ‘19
4393 Dry Ford Road
Dry Fork, VA 24549
434-799-2217 Cell

Meredith Kiesnowski
Cadet David Kiesnowski '18
Appleton, Wisconsin
[email protected]

Pete and April Laviolette
Cody C. Laviolette '18
West Bookfield, MA
[email protected]

Denise Rogers
Cadet Caleb Rogers '18
Cadet Conner Rogers '18
Chatham, VA

Lee Smith
Cadet Darrell Smith '18
Danville, Virginia
[email protected]

Nancy Soles
Cadet Bennett Soles ‘20
Smithfield, Va
[email protected]

Janae Vogg
Jesse Vogg '18
Chatham, VA
[email protected]