Lunch’n Learn - Chris Zarpas

Press Release for October 18, 2011

Mr. Chris Zarpas, a motion picture studio executive and father to Cadet Alex Zarpas, visited Hargrave’s Lunch’n Learn program today to share his career path and experiences in the motion picture industry. Zarpas has worked on movies such as “G.I. Jane; The Sandlot; Clay Pigeon; Where the Money Is” in addition to working with Circle Films, Walt Disney, Island and other studios.

Zarpas stated that his industry is “a business of hundreds of billions of dollars.” And, that it is an exciting industry in which to participate. Studios need everything from actors, to accountants to studio execs to make both movies and money. The average movie cost 70 million to make and 40 million to market. By contrast, a big budget movie so as a movie out of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will take 200 million to make and market.

When the discussion turned to scripts and script writing, Zarpas mentioned that ‘The Sandlot’ was an unusual script. He and other executives started reading the scripts at 9:00 AM in the morning and had a contract with the writer by 5:00 PM that evening, beating out Sony and other studios.

“In ‘Sandlot,’ we bought it and shot it. No (studio) changes to the script. Very unusual.”

Zarpas is currently assigned to a ‘small’ Lionsgate production.

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