Hargrave Military Academy - 2016 - 2017 Undergraduate Awards

Press Release for May 17, 2017

Academic Excellence Subject Awards


World Geography - Darrell Smith

World Studies - Anh Phan Tu

HN World Studies - Adam Saliu

AP U.S. History - Paul Englander

HN U.S. History - Youssef Abouzied

U.S. History - Christopher Gray

ESL - Ebrahim Al-Aghbari

Chinese - Jackson Stewart

Modern Standard Arabic - Quinn Griffith

Latin - Sean Witmer

Mary Tallent Award - Annad Khraisat

Mathematics - Adam Saliu

Priscilla Turner Reading Award - Jackson Reeder

Yearbook - Parker Howard and Liam Rafizadeh

Science - Duc Nguyen

Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence - Kyle Rafferty

Patrick S. Gilmore Music Award - Cameron Spangler

Outstanding Artist of the Year - Caleb Rogers

Faculty Favorite Art Award - Caleb Rogers

Student Favorite Art Award - Caleb Rogers

Mother’s Day Art Show Winners

1st Caleb Rogers

2nd Elisha Shelton

3rd Philip Atuonwu


Military Awards


Best Attitude Award - Sean Witmer

Commandant’s Award - Iver Liu

Glasgow Award - Cameron Spangler

Hunter Charitable Trust Award - Quinn Griffith

National Association of Military Colleges and Schools Award - Richard Jiang

Outstanding Military Presence - Jordan Dunn

Cadet of the Year - Chandler Wilkie


Honor Awards


Colin Powell Leadership Medals - Jesse Vogg, Tyler Aichinger, Armel Ngabo, Cameron Spangler, Duc Nguyen, Quinn Griffith, Adam Saliu

William and Mary Leadership Award - Connor Rogers

President’s Leadership Award - Jordan Dunn

BETA Club - Duc Nguyen

Scholarship Medals (highest GPA at each grade level) -

7th- David Hubbard

8th- Walter Thompson

9th- Nathan Kania

10th- Adam Saliu

11th- Paul Englander


The Martha C. Rucker Prize - Paul Englander

2017 Highest Academic Average (Boarding) - Paul Englander

Hayako Cook Scholarship - Jordan Dunn

AMSCUS Academic Bowl

1st Andrew Scott

2nd Adam Saliu

3rd Max Moreno