Spiritual Life

Walk the Path of Righteousness

Spiritual life at Hargrave Military Academy consists of a variety of opportunities for Cadets to engage, reflect, participate, and discuss spiritual issues and ideas. Each week Cadets, faculty, and staff gather for chapel, pause to give thanks before each meal, engage the chaplain, and share encouragement through Bible reading and prayer. Spiritual life opportunities are designed to meet Cadets at their level of spiritual development, and encourage them to explore the spiritual aspect of life individually and in the community. While Hargrave Military Academy is proud of--and retains--its Baptist heritage and affiliation, spiritual life at Hargrave is considerate of all Christian traditions and teaches respect for all religious faith traditions.


Chapel services are conducted twice each week on Sunday evenings and Tuesday mornings. Chapel services include singing the great hymns of the Christian faith; a time for prayer and meditation; participation by faculty, staff, and Cadets through sharing personal faith journeys, musical talent, and scripture reading; and, an inspirational message relative to the Cadets’ development. Guest speakers from other denominations, and from local churches are invited to speak at Tuesday morning chapel. Chapel services are open to the public and last from 30-40 minutes each.

Character Development

Spiritual life opportunities at Hargrave Military Academy support the mission of the school to develop Cadets into young men of character. Recent Chapel themes include a series titled C.H.O.I.C.E.S., which is an acronym for the seven character traits of Courage, Humility, Openness, Integrity, Commitment, Empathy, and Service.

Pastoral Care

The Chaplain provides pastoral care and counseling for Cadets, faculty, and staff who have experienced grief and loss, or who are dealing with personal issues that would benefit from the spiritual support the Chaplain can offer. Cadets may schedule personal appointments with the Chaplain for guidance, counseling, and prayer as the need arises.