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The Hargrave International Community

Hargrave currently has students from 18 different countries participating at the Academy. This diversity greatly benefits the students in our strong International student program, and adds enormously to Hargrave overall.

"Hargrave has taught me so much about being a good leader, getting a good education and how to decide what is important in my life. I am thankful that my parents decided that Hargrave was a good place for me to further my education.

Elias Tsoukatos, Caracas, Venezuela

Hargrave’s International students enjoy tremendous opportunities at the Academy. Hargrave offers several options for foreign students, including English as a Second Language (ESL), College Preparatory program, Post-Graduate program and Intensive ESL summer program.

The Academy has an International committee dedicated to making sure our international community has a positive and truly rewarding educational experience. This committee insures that Hargrave’s International student community expands their education both inside and outside four classroom walls.

International students are offered special trips to local attractions, New York City, and Washington D.C. There is also a Spring Break trip that includes relaxation and cultural adventures.

"I am truly thankful to Hargrave for helping me grow up mentally and to become the man I am today. Keeping all the teachings I have received at Hargrave, I will work harder to bring honor to my school.

S. Hwang, Seoul, Korea

Explore the advantages of a structured environment that lends itself to exploration in and outside the classroom at one of the finest U.S. military schools.

Independent Military Program

Unlike many U.S. military schools, Hargrave maintains an independent military program, which means it is NOT affiliated with the U.S. Armed forces or the U.S. Government. Being independent permits Hargrave to provide leadership training geared toward individual development and academic success.



Once a foreign student has been accepted, Hargrave will require the iTEP SLATE test to assist in academic class and English placement purposes only. Testing sites are available in many convenient locations. If a student does not take the test before arrival at Hargrave, the test will be administered on campus. The SSAT or TOFEL will be accepted in lieu of the iTEP SLATE. To reiterate, the testing is for placement purposes only. There is no minimum score requirement.