Spiritual Life

At Hargrave, we firmly believe it is the duty, responsibility and honor, of all of the faculty and staff to assist with the spiritual development of the young men under our care. The Corps of Cadets is made up of individuals from diverse walks of life, experiences, and faith traditions. The spiritual life component at Hargrave is designed to meet the needs of all Cadets, regardless of their background or perspective on faith and spirituality, and assist all young men to grow into complete men of character. An essential component of their development is their spiritual maturity and well being. Spirituality is intrinsically connected to characteristics such as virtue, morality and ethics. This being so, we strive to assist all young men in growing into spiritually mature and analytical individuals.

Some key components of spiritual life at Hargrave are chapel, relational ministry, the Bible Survey course and a Christian based structure for the school.

All cadets are required to attend chapel twice per week, where Cadets sing hymns and contemporary Christian worship music, and hear a message from either the chaplain or an invited guest speaker. These chapel messages come from a foundation grounded in Christian Scripture, and they relate to the character trait of the six weeks.

As a Christian-based institution, Hargrave requires that all Cadets complete a one semester Bible course. The primary objective for this course is to demonstrate the intricacies that make up the Christian Bible, and hopefully demonstrate to the students that regardless of their faith backgrounds, the Bible can be used as an instrument to guide our lives and help us to grow into individuals of character.

Overall, being a school built on Christian principles, means that the staff strives to love and nurture the young men in a Christ-like manner. That means sacrificially serving the students under our care, building relationships with them, and caring for them regardless of where they are in faith, and encouraging them to grow into fully developed, well rounded, productive members of society.

Chapel Recordings

Sunday, April 14 Confidence in Christ
Tuesday, April 9 Alex Judd - The Way
Sunday, April 7 Alex Judd - Growth
Tuesday, April 2 Diligence is the Right Thing

Tuesday, March 19

Warning Against Idleness
Sunday, March 17 Need for Healing
Tuesday, March 12  Intro to Diligence
Tuesday, March 5 Matthew
Sunday, March 3 What is your Veil
Tuesday, February 19 Forgiveness with Reverend Pope
Sunday, February 17 Faith in what matters
Wednesday, February 13 Finishing Strong - Reverend King
Tuesday, February 12 Maintaining Focus - Reverend King
Monday, February 11 Facing the Grind - Reverend King
Tuesday, February 5 Faith Based on Works
Tuesday, January 29 Faith is Hope
Sunday, January 27 Spirit Filled with Transitions
Tuesday, January 22 The Greatest Gift
Tuesday, January 15 Don't Squander Knowledge
Sunday, January 13 Open Doors

Tuesday, January 8

Intro to Knowledge
Sunday, January 6 Go to the Source
Tuesday, December 18 The Light of the World
Sunday, December 16 What road are you on
Sunday, December 9 Hanging of the Greens
Tuesday, December 4 Interactions with Integrity, 1 Samuel 24
Sunday, December 2  Music with a Message
Tuesday, November 27 Intro to Integrity, Matthew 5 33-37
Tuesday, November 13 Courage for Relationships, Matthew 26
Sunday, November 11 Healing Across Boundaries, Luke 71-12
Tuesday, November 6 Moral Courage, John 8:1-11
Sunday, November 4 Calling of Peter, Luke 5:1-11
Tuesday, October 30 Step off, Matthew 14:22-33
Sunday, October 28 Rev. Paddock
Tuesday, October 23 What to do with your Talents, Matthew 25 
Sunday, October 21 Unexpected Healing Mark 2:1-12
Tuesday, October 16 Rev. St. John's Excellence
Tuesday, October 9 Excellence in all things Colossians
Sunday, October 7 Calm the Storm
Tuesday, October 2 Sacrificial Living
Sunday, September 30 Making Time
Tuesday, September 25 Freedom to Serve
Sunday, September 23 The Nature of Greatness
Tuesday, September 18 Intro to Service
Sunday, September 16 Who Am I
Tuesday, September 11 How and When to Respect
Sunday, September 9 Jesus was Tempted
Tuesday, September 4 Golden Rule
Sunday, September 2 Who is Jesus