Military Events

Hargrave's Military Ball

Hargrave’s Formal Military Ball is one of our most significant social events of the year. Parents are invited to attend the Ball to watch the Promenade.

Eye of the Tiger (EOT)

The EOT is an Academy-wide event that focuses on the enhanced character building of the individual. It is an individual challenge that incorporates both physical and mental attributes of the Cadet. The competition incorporates military and adventure training that will measure the Cadet’s skill set from a mastery/non-mastery perspective. These skills will be demonstrated during a grueling 24 hour event slated for mid-March.

Drill & Ceremonies

Hargrave uses drill and ceremonies to instill pride, character, leadership and discipline within each Cadet and is designed to transform a group of individuals into a single, precision unit with emphasis focused on the Company, Platoon, and/or Squad.