Hargrave Military Academy

Life at Hargrave

The Military Department, led by the Commandant of Cadets, has the primary responsibility of student life; accountability, safety, security, welfare, and discipline. Each Cadet company is supervised by a TAC officer (Trainer, Advisor, Counselor).

The Company TAC is the first point of contact for all parents who have questions about their Cadets’ living situation, performance or Cadet Life issues.

In the event of an emergency, please contact the Operations Office at 434.441.6722 during times other than when the Company TAC is on duty.

Honor Code
As a Cadet at Hargrave Military Academy, you are required to sign the Honor Code statement, "I (your name), as a Hargrave Cadet, realize that honesty in all things is the foundation of a strong moral character. I, therefore, will not cheat, lie nor steal; and I will immediately report any violation that comes to my attention. I pledge to uphold this HONOR CODE of Hargrave Military Academy. If I fail to keep this pledge, I realize that I must in good faith abide by the decision of the Honor Council."

In the Honor Council's interpretation of this code, a Cadet who fails to report a violation to which he was a witness has himself violated the code. Also, lying before the Honor Council is in itself a violation of the code.

The purpose of this Honor Code is to give each Cadet a corps based on mutual trust and to make each Cadet conscious of his responsibilities not only for his own acts, but for the acts of his fellow Cadets.