Tuition & Financial Aid

As America’s premier college preparatory schools for boys, Hargrave understands the value of education and believes that it is important to invest time, love and mentorship in our students.

We are still accepting students for Second Semester. 

2018-19 Hargrave Military Academy Tuition
  Boarding International Day
Tuition $35,800 $41,650 $12,900



$2,500 $2,500 $2,000
2019-20 Hargrave Military Academy Tuition
  Boarding International Day
Tuition $36,900 $46,900 $13,900



$2,500 $2,500 $2,000

Tuition Rates Prorated for 2nd Semester; If you're interested in financial support for your son's enrollment, please visit Aid and Scholarships.

Hargrave's annual tuition covers academic instruction, room and board, book rental, laundry, dry cleaning, haircuts, lab fees, infirmary fees (including dispensing of medication) and student activities.



Hargrave accepts personal checks, cashier's checks, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card and wire transfers.

Application Fee

  • $75.00 for U.S. Resident
  • $150.00 for Non-U.S. Resident and Residents living outside the continental U.S.

Required Uniform Fee
Uniform Fee covers the complete uniform including gym clothing, dress shoes, camouflage pants, school clothing and formal dress. A complete list of articles will be furnished by our quartermaster should you wish that information. Returning students will be billed for replacement of uniforms as purchased. Hargrave does not permit civilian clothing, thus all clothing worn (with the exception of underwear, sleeping apparel, etc.) on campus, and to and from the Academy, will be of the standard uniform issued to all Cadets or articles that are authorized to be purchased through the gift shop on campus.

Boarding Student: $2,500

Day Student: $2,000

Hargrave Student Fund - Boarding Students Only
The Academy requires that parents deposit money in the Hargrave Student Fund to cover $450 incidental fee and a $300 damage fee. The incidental fee covers weekend passes, emergency travel, college applications, SAT/ACT tests, etc. and the damage fee will be used to cover any damages and will be returned at the end of the school year if there are no damage charges and your account is paid in full. The Academy suggests an optional weekly allowance with suggested amounts from $15 to $20 weekly.

Health and Accident Insurance

Included in your fees is a supplemental insurance policy, which provides 24-hour accident coverage for your son during the school year. All students at this all boys military school must be covered by a personal health insurance plan.

Other Fees
Transportation Fees - As Needed
Special Interest Clubs - As Needed