Hargrave welcomes international diversity.

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International students, or non-U.S. Residents, are a large and established community at the Academy. Hargrave’s international students come from diverse locations and provide different heritages and experiences that greatly add to the value of our community. Hargrave Cadets represent more than 20 countries and 30 states each year.

International Program Highlights

  • International Student Matriculation and Orientation to facilitate transition
  • On-campus testing for SAT, PSAT, and ACT and TOEFL
  • Postgraduate Academic Program
  • English speaking roomates to promote English proficiency
  • Advisory groups for mentoring and relationship building
  • Multiple levels of ESOL classes offered to individualize instruction
  • 100% acceptance into at least one college or university

College Placement for International Students

Hargrave has a college counselor along with academic advisers that assist Cadets in finding the right college or university for them. Hargrave has a 100 percent acceptance into at least one college or university over the last ten years.

Notable international college acceptances to top universities, including: Boston University, Catholic University, Drexel University, Michigan State University, Pennsylvania State University, The Citadel, University of Virginia, University of California, Virginia Military Institute and Virginia Tech.

Apply & Enroll

Apply Today

Once your son has been accepted to Hargrave, the following steps need to be accomplished for him to attend Hargrave. There are several requirements involving health, safety and U.S. Immigration law.

I-20 Application/Enrollment

Once accepted, we require a $2,000 USD deposit in order to receive the I-20 application. We need the following items with the completed I-20 application sent to Alice M. Hendrickson, Director of Enrollment Management,

  • I-20 Application
  • Copy of Passport
  • Proof of Payment
Once received all information will be entered into SEVIS (Student & Exchange Visitor Information System) once approved he will the final documents will be mailed through UPS. Once received you will need to schedule your son's interview with the US Embassy to obtain his visa.

Medical Information

During the Summer School session and academic year our infirmary is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week when our students are on campus. We require an up-to-date physical and immunization records that can be emailed should be uploaded to the Magnus Health Portal. We offer medical insurance to our international students when we are in session through IMG.

International Orientation

Hargrave hosts a mandatory International student orientation in August. The goal of the orientation is to welcome our new students to Hargrave and provide personalized attention to facilitate a smooth transition.

  • ESL Placement Testing
  • Shopping for school supplies and other essentials
  • Review academic scheduling
  • Team building activities

Throughout the orientation, new international students will be introduced to the rest of the Corps of Cadets, learn the foundations of formation, drill and many other daily functions that cadets will perform on a daily basis. If you would like additional information regarding International orientation please call (434-432-2481) Dr. Lynn Baker, International Coordinator email

ESL Program

English as a Second Language

Hargrave offers three levels of ESL plus Toefl preparation. ESL is offered as a combination of an intensive language based program fused with the mainstream Hargrave academic curriculum. Class sizes are kept small, so each student can be given individualized attention.

Course Offerings
ESL I - Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
ESL I - Pronunciation, Listening and Conversation
ESL II - Reading, Writing and Vocabulary
ESL II - Pronunciation, Listening and Conversation
ESL III - Advanced
Introduction to English Literature
TOEFL Preparation

Intensive Summer ESL Program

Spend a month of your summer with us in our intensive ESL and cultural experience program. Four weeks are spent attending ESL classes in the mornings and then using those skills while visiting historical and cultural venues in and around the area. A further unique mix of military structure, sports and leadership provide additional opportunities for a well-rounded and successful summer school experience.

How to Apply

Now Accepting Applications for Spring Enrollment

Submit an application for admission either online or in paper form. Hargrave accepts TABS application form.

TOEFL required (School Code 8533). Minimum required score: 50 (Applicants that are below the required score will be evaluated for conditional acceptance).

Documents needed:

  • Transcripts
  • Principal recommendation
  • Math teacher recommendation
  • English teacher recommendation
  • Discipline record
  • Skype interview

All documents are found under Admissions Documents and need to be submitted to Alice M. Hendrickson, Director of Enrollment Management.

Application Deadline and Admission Process

February 3: Deadline for submitting an application for early action.

March 10: Applicants will be notified of our decision.

After March 10: Hargrave has a rolling admission policy. Therefore, the Admissions Office will review applicants for further consideration as long as the admissions requirements are met by the application.