• Burton's Path to Success

    NASCAR Driver Ward Burton discusses Hargrave, leadership and racing.

  • A Chance to Change

    Future Cadet Isaac Burton explains is 'chance to change' after attending Summer School and Camp.

  • There's No Question

    Dr. John Obannon, a neurologist and Virginia House of Delegate member, speaks about Hargrave.

  • Three Generations

    Three generations of Burton's discuss their Hargrave experience.

  • Hargrave Adventure Camp

    Summer student Arthur Mayo discusses his experience with Hargrave's summer adventure camp.

  • A Hargrave Overview

    A local TV station, WSET, interviews Cadets and staff about Hargrave and its school model.

Hargrave provides a great male military boarding experience, focused on each individual and their future. But, don't take it from us:

Shaq Lawson at Hargrave"I believe God put me on the right path to be successful. If I hadn't gone to Hargrave, I'd have had a much harder time adjusting to life at Clemson in my freshman year. Going to Hargrave changed the way I carry myself. It's made me more accountable, more responsible, more of a man."

Shaq Lawson
2012 Postgraduate, 2016
Potential 2016 1st Round NFL Draft Selection

From the Bleacher Report article, "The Phone Call I Never Wanted to Get, and My Unconventional Path to the Draft"

"There are very serious and active guidance counselors at Hargrave keeping the students on task with college applications beginning the Junior year. Parents are involved and giving input and counselors are following through with it. Finally, Hargrave is connected. Higher educational institutions want the Hargrave grad. They are responsible, successful, equipped young men truly prepared for the college challenge."

Robin Taylor
Parent, 2015

Payne Nunn 2014"We appreciate all the wonderful faculty and staff who have had an integral role in Payne's success. Success is intentional and it has been a team effort. I thank you all for your kind words. Payne respects each of you and was on cloud nine when he read what everyone had to say. Our family has been very fortunate to be able to surround our sons with such exceptional faculty and staff. The best gift we can give our sons is to give them the best learning environment possible.... for us that is Hargrave."

Mark and Libby Nunn
Parents, 2015

Salman"Thank you for your support leading up to Ranger School. I can honestly attest to some of the fundamental skills of discipline and integrity that I learned at Hargrave were monumental in helping me complete the school. I am happy to say that I made it straight through in 61 days, RLTW!"

2LT Oliver Salman, USA
Class of 2009 Graduate, 2014

"Yet as we left Chatham on our way home (our son, who still in full uniform and with no encouragement from us,) spontaneously and sincerely said, 'By the way, I just want to thank you for sending me here.'

"My wife and I were speechless.

"Then today, our church had a special service and recognition luncheon for all high school grads, public, home school and others. When Martin was offered the opportunity to say a few words, he shared about his going to Hargrave to finish high school. (He mentioned) he really did not want to go, but then thanked his mother and I for sending him.

"The bottom line is that although no environment is perfect, Hargrave was absolutely the right choice for Martin and has helped him develop the tools he will need continue to meet life's challenges and succeed. I just want to offer our deep and profound thanks to you and your staff for the positive impact you have had on Martin and the other cadets who have come through your school."

CAPT Kevin F. Spalding (USNR, Ret.) and Anne Spalding
Parents, 2014

"I am always grateful to God for providing such a wonderful school and wonderful working staff for us. I want to thank you also for everything you have done during the past years, and please also send my regards to other staff for my thanks. May God greatly use this school to bless more young men and may God use you greatly to touch more people's hearts."

Fang Lv and Xiaona Liu
Parents (China), 2014

"We are so proud of our son, Shane, who graduated from Hargrave this year. The decision to send him to Hargrave was a great one that exceeded our expectations! Our only regret (and our son has said it is his as well) is that we did not send him earlier. While at Hargrave, he has learned how to study and organize, and how to succeed in the classroom. It amazed us to see how his desire to perform well increased when he was given the tools to be successful. He was taught discipline, respect for others, respect for authority, respect for self, honor and responsibility. These are characteristics that not only help him in the classroom but will help him in life as well."

Bill and Tracy Bousman
Parents, 2013

"Academically, Ambrose was considered an average student. Although, we knew that he could perform better academically with improved study habits and focus. Ambrose’s educational perspective needed enhancing. While at Hargrave, my wife and I witnessed our son evolve from an average student, to one who became caring and academically engaged. Academically, we witnessed his determination to succeed increased with each grading period.

"Athletically, Ambrose was a member of the Post-Grad basketball program, that insisted he perform in the classroom and on the court. Coaches’ encouraged him to organize future goals and dreams and diligently work to pursue them. The basketball program emphasized goal achievement, teamwork, confidence, communication and discipline.

"The core values instilled in our son both at home and HMA will continue to fuel his passion for high academics and athletics for many years to come. Earnestly, we express our appreciation for this exemplary work with Ambrose and applaud the many passionate committed faculty and staff members who made his experience - educationally, spiritually and physically - unforgettable! We hope Hargrave will continue to be known as the “best military academy” in America!

"Again, we commend you and Hargrave on a 'Job Well Done!'"

Anthony & Twilla Mosley
Parents, 2012

"I would also like to tell you that I noticed some simple yet very significant things... (He) picked up a sense of pride; new willingness to engage in tasks with the rest of us; a huge new helping of generosity; considerable drop in need for previous sorts of distractions... in short, conduct much more in line with what I've been convinced of in terms of his true nature since the day I was granted the blessing, privilege and responsibility of bringing him into the world. I'll be anxious to see how he tackles upcoming challenges. Have a good day!"

Jennifer Velasco-Lang
Parent (Spain), 2012

"Let me say how valuable this summer was to Wriston. We have seen an element of growth in him that truly wasn't there before his four weeks in the wonderful military environment of Hargrave. I believe so strongly that especially in this time we live in, a military school experience is THE best for all boys. We have three more, so look out for them in a summer program for sure!"

Martha Barnes
Parent, 2011

"For me, I knew that the academics at Wake Forest were a real challenge, so I had to get my SAT scores even higher than most kids going to Division I schools. I also had to prepare mentally for the workload and they helped us develop study hall habits at Hargrave. There comes a time when you have to put basketball aside to do your schoolwork. Hargrave prepared me for that and I carried that structure over to Wake."

Josh Howard
Current NBA Star (Dallas Mavericks); Wake Forest University Graduate
Class of 1999 Post-Graduate, 2011

"I know he has learned a lot, in many dimensions, during his time at Hargrave. Hargrave has definitely given him the focus and assistance he needed to keep on track."

Brenda Killingsworth
Parent, 2010

"I can honestly say that I would not have the interest in government or the job I have had it not been for HMA and its AP Government class."

Aaron C. Jones
Legislative Assistant to Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-5th District)
Class of 2002 Graduate, 2010




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