Visual & Performing Arts

The Visual Arts program has a mission to give students the tools to learn how to create work in a variety of media and styles while supporting diversity, student choice, and authentic expression. Check out your students artwork!

We offer the following courses on a rotational semester basis:

  • Art 1 and 2
  • Advanced Art
  • Ceramics
  • CIS Art
  • CIS Journalism
  • Digital Art Literacy
  • Introduction to 3 Dimensional Form
  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Portfolio Art
  • Art History - A Survey of Western Art

All courses are studio-based (except art history) and involve hands-on learning and project-based grades. Art History is naturally incorporated into every studio course so that students end the class with both an improved understanding of the art making process and a greater appreciation of arts role in society and culture.

For questions or comments please reach out to our Art Instructor, Ms. Flanagan at