Upper School

Academic Program

Students in grades 10-12 experience an educational program that is designed to prepare them to attend the right college for them based on their academic ability, interest, and needs. Students take six subjects on a schedule similar to that found on a college campus, attending classes in three subjects per day, alternating those subjects with the following day. The Academic day also allows students time to meet with their teachers should they have questions or difficulties in a particular subject area. The night prior to class, all students are required to attend study hall, which is proctored by the Hargrave faculty and staff.

Hargrave Postgraduate (PG) Cadets focus on critical English and Math SAT/ACT skills in their first post-high school year. Classes in this military school for boys are carefully selected to develop core skills and to challenge students in preparation for their freshman year in college. Students may work within NCAA guidelines to improve their Core Course GPA in addition to working to improve their SAT/ACT scores. Success in their post graduate courses also strengthens their high school transcript as they apply to colleges of their choice.

Students are assigned to academic classes based on their individual academic goals, their past performance and the results of achievement tests administered upon arrival. The average class size for Hargrave’s military high school is 11:1.


Hargrave offers two types of diplomas.

Standard Diploma

English: 4 credits
Mathematics (Alg. I or above): 3 credits
Science (Biology required): 3 credits
Social Studies (World Studies, US History & Government required): 3 credits
Fine Arts/Practical Arts: .5 credit
Bible: .5 credit
Military (Senior year): 1 credit
Electives: 7 credits

Total 22 credits

Advanced Studies Diploma

English: 4 credits
Math (Algebra I, II, Geometry or higher): 4 credits
Science (Biology & Chemistry required): 4 credits
Social Studies (World Studies, US History & Government required): 4 credits
Foreign Language (3 of 1 -or- 2 of 2): 3 credits
Fine Arts/Practical Arts: .5 credits
Bible: .5 credits
Military (Senior year): 1 credits
Electives: 3 credits

Total 24 credits

Bible Course

The required Bible course in the military high school curriculum provides a general survey of the Old and New Testaments. Electives include a variety of classes designed to meet student's interests and provide exploratory learning experiences. The Leadership Course and Military Course is a fully integrated student-life residential and leadership program giving students hands-on, practical experiences in team work and small group skills.

Reading Comprehension

Hargrave is known for its strong reading development program. The program is offered to any student who needs to become more proficient in reading, regardless of present reading level. A student’s reading skills are tested upon entering Hargrave, and those who want to participate in the reading program are grouped according to their scores.

Educational Philosophy

Hargrave Military Academy’s faculty and administration approach each student holistically. Students who are physically, morally, and mentally fit are in a better position to make sound decisions, establish personal goals, and become productive citizens. The Academy’s daily schedule is designed to develop each student’s mental, physical, spiritual, and moral qualities. Hargrave’s educational philosophy is anchored in a traditional college preparatory curriculum aimed at enabling critical thinking and inspiring a desire to learn within a diverse student body.