United States Naval Academy Foundation Cadets

For over 30 years Hargrave has maintained a working relationship with the United States Naval Academy Foundation (USNA Foundation). Through this relationship, U.S. Naval Academy bound prep students use a Hargrave Post-Graduate year geared specifically for them. The USNA Foundation Cadet has growth opportunities in the area of academics, principled leadership, spirituality and, in some cases, athletic accessibility and improvement. The Academic program typically includes Honors Critical Reading and Writing, Honors Chemistry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Honors Physics.

List of Official USNA Foundation Schools

Over the past decade, USNA Foundation Cadets have found great success at the U.S. Naval Academy. A Hargrave USNA Foundation Cadet has a very low dropout rate and a high achievement rate within the USNA’s Brigade of Midshipmen.  99% of Hargrave USNA Foundation Cadets have received their appointment to the United States Naval Academy upon completion of their preparatory year.

The cost of this program depends on each prospective student and the family’s need. Hargrave can provide 30% to 50% aid and scholarships. Please visit the USNA Foundation website for more details.

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Contact Dr. Dewitt 'Hunter' Powell, Ph.D., Hargrave's Academic Dean, to learn more about Hargrave’s high school and Post-Graduate academic programs.

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Contact Dr. Jimmy Tung, Ph.D., Hargrave's Director of the CIS, to learn more about Hargrave's middle school options for grades 7, 8 and 9.

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