The Center for Leadership and Ethics

Building Character since 1909

Our leadership development experience builds the leaders of tomorrow...


A history of excellence. Since 1909, Hargrave's uncompromising commitment to building men of character sets us apart from any other military academy in the country as the best at what we do. These efforts have led to Hargrave being recognized as only one of two military academies in the country accredited as a National School of Character.


Strength through character. Founded in 2001, The Center for Leadership and Ethics is an extension of the President’s vision to provide the best opportunity to grow our young men wholistically as students, athletes, and leaders. Hargrave’s Four Pillars of Academics, Character Development, Athletics and Fitness, and Spiritual Growth guide our strategy to create the best leadership program in the country.


Leadership in action. The Hargrave leadership development model does not just teach leadership- we practice it everyday. We put learned leadership skills into action in the classroom, the sports arena, within our Corps of Cadets, and within our communities. The Center for Leadership and Ethics enhances this experience by using a deliberate, graduated approach to learning that begins in the seventh grade, where we explore basic character and character development.


One of a kind program. Our unique leadership program then formally extends into high school and postgraduate programs with the 18-week Leadership 1 and Leadership 2 courses. Our short-term goal is to inspire our cadets to want to learn and grow as leaders.

The outcome of these formal courses is to develop cadets into leaders that:

  • Strive to be men of character and take action when required.
  • Want to be positive and contributing citizens in their communities.
  • Want to make a difference and promote change.
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively and make sound and ethical decisions.

The process works. Hargrave’s process of building men of character is time tested and it works. The Center for Leadership and Ethics is committed to assisting the President with meeting Hargrave’s mission, and giving our best effort to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

~ General Colin Powell

“I believe in Hargrave and its mission to develop men of character into productive citizens who are guided in their decisions by a strict code of moral ethics.”

~ Scott R. Dooley, Director, The  Center for Leadership and Ethics