Boarding: Five Day Option

A Unique Opportunity

Recognizing the desire for parents and Cadets to spend additional time together, CIS students have the option of open weekends. Parents of Cadets in the CIS who live within 150 miles of the campus (three hour driving time) may select the five-day boarding option. If you elect the five-day boarding option, please notify the Admission’s Office before or during matriculation.


The five-day boarding option goes into affect with the first Open Weekend of the school year. Cadets enrolled in the five-day boarding option are expected to remain on campus for Parent’s Weekend (until after the Saturday parade), Alumni Weekend and Mother’s Day. These weekends are an important part of the Academy’s culture, tradition and history. Cadets enrolled in the five-day boarding program may only be checked out by a parent or legal guardian. Parents may check out their Cadet on Friday, after sports (approximately 5:30 PM). Cadets must be returned to campus by 7:00 AM Monday. Parents are welcome to return their Cadet on Sunday. However, he needs to be checked in no later than 5:00 PM to attend chapel and so we can plan for the Evening Meal and not disrupt study hall.

Five-day boarding students are welcome to remain on campus on any weekend. If parents elect to have their Cadet remain on campus, he will be required to participate in the scheduled daily routine. Cadets that remain on campus are welcome to participate in any recreational activities after the daily schedule is complete. In cases where the parent(s) cannot get to campus on Friday to check their son out, they may do so on Saturday. However, he will be required to wait until the daily schedule is complete on Saturday before checking out.

Class Days
There are four scheduled Saturday classes after the five-day boarding program starts during the full academic year. If the family of the five-day boarding Cadet elect to check their son out for any of those weekends, the absence is excused, however, he will be responsible for the work missed and all assigned homework.