Hargrave is nationally and internationally recognized as a premier college preparatory boarding school.


Our goal is not just to graduate your son but provide him with the tools that will allow him to be successful in life.

Hargrave’s faculty and staff engage the Cadets continuously both in and out of the classroom. Our Instructors are knowledgeable, thoughtful and honestly push young men within their respective subject areas.

They care enough to hold the line and raise the bar on your son’s academic effort.


Educational Philosophy

Hargrave Military Academy’s faculty and administration approach each student holistically. Students who are physically, morally, and mentally fit are in a better position to make sound decisions, establish personal goals, and become productive citizens. The Academy’s daily schedule is designed to develop each student’s mental, physical, spiritual, and moral qualities. Hargrave’s educational philosophy is anchored in a traditional college preparatory curriculum aimed at enabling critical thinking and inspiring a desire to learn within a diverse student body.

2016 School of Character
Hargrave was named a 2016 National School of Character by

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