HMA At A Glance

Hargrave Cadets routinely come from over half of the 50 United States. They also come from every continent in almost every major culture around the world, including those from North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The Corps of Cadets is racially and culturally diverse. 

As a top-ranking college-preparatory boarding school, Hargrave Military Academy offers its Cadets a rich, century-long tradition in academics, athletics, character development, and faith development.

Many Cadets choose Hargrave because their local schools have not provided what they need. Students come for the opportunity to learn leadership, build stronger SAT/ACT scores, and create a solid record of academic success. They find challenges on the athletic fields and opportunities for personal growth in service activities.

At Hargrave Cadets learn the importance of a daily routine in achieving academic success. Cadets learn the value of intangibles such as honor, integrity and respect. They develop a moral compass that serves them throughout life. A Cadet comes to appreciate a spiritual underpinning as a key to their growth as young men of character. Hargrave Military Academy is a holds high standards and expectations in a unique environment.

Hargrave is a dynamic, rewarding school for a young man at a critical time in his life. Give him a great academic and character development experience.

Give him Hargrave.