President's Notes

I believe that Hargrave Military Academy is in the top 5% of secondary schools in the nation.

We are an extraordinary secondary school that has the unique ability to combine the structure offered by the military model with a preparatory academic curriculum designed for a diverse Corps of Cadets, but aimed at the individual student. Hargrave embraces the self discipline, values, pride, team building, and leadership skills associated with the United States military. Simultaneously, Hargrave’s academic curriculum primarily prepares the Cadet for college while also offering practical selections aimed at other occupations.

Simply graduating is not the goal of our faculty for our cadets. A Hargrave graduate is recognized as an educated cadet that exhibits strong character. The determination and “never quit” attitude developed on the athletics field permeates every aspect of Hargrave.

Since 1909 Hargrave’s founders recognized the need to reinforce a learning with Christian values. Hargrave has carried on that commitment for over 100 years.Our faculty is determined to follow that tradition and graduate a cadet with a passion for learning who will be an example and leader in our diverse society.

Colonel Wheeler L. Baker Ph. D. (U.S. Marine Corps Ret.)Interim President