Hargrave Military Academy adheres to three guiding statements, which provide direction on the proper and continued success of the Academy. They are the Mission Statement, the Vision Statement and the school’s Educational Philosophy.

Mission Statement
Hargrave builds young men into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success

Vision Statement
To be the college preparatory school of choice for young men to grow academically, physically and spiritually into leaders of character

Core Values
Excellence, Courage, Integrity, Service, Faith, Respect, Knowledge

Educational Philosophy

 prepares young men for life by fostering mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Rigorous academic instruction focuses on the foundation of knowledge necessary for college and on the development of critical thinking and learning skills. Character development and spiritual growth are woven throughout the Hargrave experience; faculty and staff members ensure that every aspect of school life nurtures each student’s worth, potential, and integrity. The diverse student body and the military structure provide a rich environment for personal growth and leadership development while the emphasis on physical activity and sports promotes self-confidence, boosts self-image, and instills an appreciation for fitness and teamwork. This focus on the whole person builds leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.


Supporting Principles

  • To offer a well-rounded program of college preparatory studies that meets the needs of our students and inspires in them a desire to become lifelong learners.
  • To foster an environment that encourages our students to respect and appreciate others with diverse social, economic, gender, racial, ethnic, political and religious backgrounds and beliefs.
  • To provide our students with an environment which fosters a sense of well-being, and offers support for those who have personal and academic challenges.
  • To promote the health and welfare of every student by providing clean and attractive living conditions; a wholesome, ample diet; and professional medical and nursing services.
  • To provide opportunities for the physical development of each student through interscholastic athletic programs, intramural programs, and recreational activities.
  • To establish a structured schedule that allows sufficient time for study, athletics, recreation, personal development and rest.
  • To maintain a military program that promotes organization, discipline, leadership, decorum, and provides basic military instruction for the Corps of Cadets.
  • To provide special emphasis on study skills, discipline, reading and time management.
  • To provide challenging and stimulating courses of study for all students.
  • To provide testing and guidance services to students, teachers, and parents.
  • To support the development and growth of creative abilities through drama, music, publications, religion, ecology and other co-curricular programs.
  • To help our students gain self-confidence through recognition of scholastic, athletic and military achievement.
  • To provide an atmosphere throughout the school that is conducive to Christian growth.
  • To develop an appreciation for and understanding of the American democratic process.

Hargrave’s Guiding Pillars

Faith. Character. Leadership
The Hargrave Military Academy graduate is ready for college and success in life. Hargrave prepares young men ages 12-18 with a focus on its Four Pillars, academics, character development, physical fitness and spiritual growth. View this video series to learn more.


Hargrave Military Academy is proud of its affiliation with two primary accreditation organizations, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS).

Hargrave has maintained its accreditation with SACS CASI since 1920. 

Today, SACS CASI accredits over 13,000 schools and school systems throughout the United States and overseas. SACS CASI is the global leader in helping schools improve student learning through accreditation. SACS is now apart of a larger network in AdvancED.

The Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) is a service organization that promotes educational, ethical and professional excellence. Through its school evaluation/accreditation program, attention to professional development and insistence on integrity, the Association safeguards the interests of over 85 member schools.